School Uniform Recycling & Uniform Grants Info

School Uniform Recycling & Uniform Grants Info

Following on from last years success with "Over The Moon" you can drop off your school uniforms you no longer require at the shop (126 Main Street, Largs from Monday to Saturday between 10am and 4pm).

Clothing in good wearable condition will be available for a small donation. It takes a long time to sort through the clothes and to wash and iron them. 


School Uniform Grants 2022

You can apply through this link for your school uniform grant Apply for Clothing Grant and Free School Meals (

Please contact Kinderland to pre-order your school uniform as early as possible. We are more than happy to keep the clothing aside for you until you receive your school uniform grant. This usually happens during the last couple of weeks of the summer holidays when lots of the smaller sizes can be sold out. Email or WhatsApp 07491881001

And please don't be shy to ask at "Over The Moon" for any school clothing branded or non branded. This is open to anyone! We (Ina at Kinderland and Sandie at Over The Moon) are two mumpreneurs with primary school kids in the Largs schools and we are here to help. 

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