Do you have a P1 starter for the first time? What do I need to buy for starting school?

Checklist for the Essentials: 


1 pinafore without zip or front zip 

1 skirt/trousers
4 polo shirts or blouses
1 school sweatshirt
1 school cardigan
1 tie
5 pairs of tights/socks
black school shoes

for PE - 1 polo shirt or t-shirt, 1 pair of shorts (cycling shorts, skorts, leggings), 1 pair of plimsolls or trainers, water bottle


3 pairs of grey trousers (ideally with elasticated waist band)
4 polo shirt/shirts
2 school sweatshirts (round neck or V-Neck)
1 tie
5 pairs of socks
black school shoes

for PE - 1 polo shirt for PE, 1 pair of PE shorts, 1 pair of plimsolls

school backpack, water bottle

For the seriously messy kids and busy parents who need to get through the week just add a few pinafores, trousers, polos and extra tie to make you last from Monday to Friday without an extra washing.

A bit of expert mummy advice

  • Mix and match the school related clothing with the high street or supermarket bargains
  • No need for embroidered water proofs, fleeces... just wear your own
  • Pencil cases are lovely to have but not really required, all pens and pencils are provided at the school
  • Yummy lunch with a great choice is available in the school, so no big lunch box needed, just a wee tub for a mid-morning snack
  • Don't forget your camera/phone, hankies and sunglasses for that precious first day at school... Your kids will love it, but I am not sure about you.
  • If you can't wait for your child to start school - just wave the flag!




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