Largs Primary Eco Blazer - Boys

Largs Primary Eco Blazer - Boys

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grey primary school blazer with embroidered school badge and red taping

super comfortable to wear

machine wash at 40 degrees, do not tumble dry

100% polyester made from recycled plastic

boys and girls styles available, the front is the same for both, the boys style has two vents at the back

How to hire:

  • An additional £20.00 cash deposit is required on delivery
  • Credit card deposits can not be accepted, for security reasons any credit card details are automatically destroyed after 30 days of purchase
  • Receive your £20.00 cash back when you return the blazer. (Just contact Kinderland and we'll come and pick up)
  • Blazers can be returned any time throughout the school year but must be returned by the last school day prior to the summer holidays at the latest
  • Delayed returns can not be accepted
  • Blazers must still be in good wearable condition, ie. not ripped, shrunk by the tumble dryer or heavily stained
  • You will not receive an individual message to return the blazer but notifications via social media will be sent out nearer the time
  • Deposits can only be refunded within the same school year